Who is GC Steel Posts

Who is GC Steel Posts

So Who is GC Steel Posts? We are a local Gold Coast metal supply and fabrication business. Our team has extensive experience in the metal fabrication industry, from workshop fabrication to onsite welding and assembly.

We have a solid core of employees, well versed in all the Australian industry specifications. And by using the latest fabrication technology have ignited the substantial growth our company is achieving.

We are committed to quality workmanship, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Which makes us a steel fabrication business you can count on to meet all your requirements and schedule. Both the executives and employees of GC Steel Posts see themselves as a family striving toward a common goal.

We are a company who is proud of the work they produce and thankful for the successes they has attained.
It is the excitement of acquiring new work projects and the satisfaction of seeing it through to the completed product that drives us.

For more information on us, please see our Google MyBusiness page and our Facebook business page

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If you have a steel project you would like a price on, please send us the information here. If you are unsure on a few of the technical details, then please have a look at our How To Order page to get some ideas.

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